Logo of Dressage Sport Boots - DSB, sponsor of Adrienne Lyle USA from the Olympic Dressage Team. Adrienne Lyle is a key competitor in the Olympic Dressage Team and is a celebrated Olympic Dressage Winner.

Dressage Sport Boot (DSB)

I developed the DSB Line many years ago.  As an active dressage trainer I was always looking for a boot that protected my horses legs, is easy to care for, and could be put on my horses by me or anyone else in an uncomplicated fashion.

Thru trial and error with a variety of materials, the DSB we have all come to know and love was born!  Thru-out the years the line has expanded and now includes the fun Glossy Dressage Sport Boots – Line as well as ASB’s (without fleece)  and DSB2 for maximum protection.

AND NEW FOR 2018, THE CLOSURE BELL SPORT BOOT!  After many requests from loyal DSB fans, Lisa took to heart the need for a bell boot that would protect, as well as stay closed.    I know how hard all of you work to achieve your goals and I hope having a stylish and functional product for your equine partner makes your day at the barn even more enjoyable.  I very much appreciate any ideas you have for new colors or improvements we can make so feel free to contact me.

Hope you enjoy your boots and all your future rides!

Lisa Wallace